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Banana Quotes

1. Delicious, rich and creamy, with all the ingredients you love in a banana split, this no-bake Banana Split dessert will be one you make again and again.
2. Banana In The Tailpipe
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3. A bunch of pick-up lines for the ladies.
4. We have funny banana and other fruit jokes that will make you laugh.
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8. Bananas in Pyjamas is an Australian children’s television series that premiered on 20 July 1992 on ABC.
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12. It’s a funny thing, but I’ve never much liked bananas and I’ve always been a bit suspicious of fish, too.
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14. When bread is ready to go in, prepare 1 – 2 cups of ice (depending on quantity of bread and baking time, can add 1 cup at a time) So, add 1 cup of ice onto hot tray when first place bread in oven.
15. Happy Banana / Sad Banana Banana Cake-(kiddo with lots of smile) happy banana / sad banana — point on yours today The difference between happy banana and sad banana.
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18. Mandy: Our teacher went on a special banana diet.
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28. Bananas is a 1971 film about a bumbling New Yorker who is dumped by his activist girlfriend and then travels to a tiny Latin American nation, becoming involved in its latest rebellion.
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30. The people at Third World Bank have different ideas, capturing the earning potential of underdeveloped countries and spreading your money across a ….
31. The woman who gives birth to a child is like the banana tree that breaks under the weight of its fruit.
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34. ” Further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.
35. Though other varieties of banana contains less calories, and can be consumed without the fear of weight gain, Nendra Pazham is bit different.
36. Canaan Banana was an eminent political leader of Zimbabwe who went on to become the country’s first black President, after the much-prolonged war of independence.
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