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Kellyanne Conway Quotes

1. Dec 23, 2016 · Donald Trump’s motto in quotes has come under criticism of late because of the combined wealth and lobbyist experience in his top cabinet choices, and was perhaps redefined by Kellyanne Conway this week in an interview with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.
2. Kellyanne Conway sounds off on Strzok firing, Omarosa feud
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8. Since August 2016, her fame shot up after being appointed as the Republican campaign manager for Donald Trump.
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11. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sparred with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over the historic impeachment trial that’s about to begin in the Senate.
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13. Jan 22, 2017 · KELLYANNE CONWAY: Chuck, I mean, if we’re going to keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms I think that we’re going to have to rethink our relationship here.
14. Nov 14, 2019 · Kellyanne Conway is a pollster and political consultant who was the 2016 campaign manager for President Donald Trump, and is currently serving as a counselor to the president.
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16. Oct 12, 2016 · Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway continued her war with CNN on Wednesday as she sparred with anchor Brianna Keilar over the news channel’s coverage of her candidate.
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23. “Anderson Cooper Interview With Kellyanne Conway Says Hillary Clinton Has Been Fighting For Herself For 30 Years”.
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25. Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway (nee Fitzpatrick.
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30. Jul 17, 2019 · Kellyanne Conway Quotes “I don’t sugarcoat things, but I’m very polite in delivering them.
31. Mar 13, 2017 · Kellyanne Conway, president and chief executive officer of Polling Co.
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