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Korean War Quotes

1. Jan 12, 2018 · The Korean War was one of several military conflicts that occurred during the Cold War, as the United States and its allies attempted to stop the spread of communism.
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6. They involve the most important national interests, a lack of promising alternatives to the use of force, and a certain and considerable price to be paid if the status quo is allowed to stand.
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8. Oct 11, 2008 · “During the Korean War, we had a lot of depiction of Asians as villains and evil cutthroat people, and in the 60s we were in a war in Vietnam.
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10. Forces in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), began American involvement in the Vietnam War, and,.
11. Recollections of the war Gene Barno Remembers his time with the 49th Field Artillery Bn We Remember a poem MGarvey, a Viet Nam veteran wrote a moving poem for the Korean War vets last summer (95) for the dedication of the memorial.
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14. Truman’s meeting with his top military and foreign-policy advisers at the Blair House on the evening of June 25th, 1950 29.
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17. And out of his troop of 35 guys, he was one of nine guys that came back.
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20. Significant Quotations during the Korean War “Request immediate assignment Marine Regimental Combat Team and supporting Air Group for duty this command.
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22. As a super power does the US have the responsibility to protect …
23. Aug 28, 2002 · Quotes about Marines from our enemies “Do not attack the First Marine Division.
24. Quotes from the korean war “ I think they’re worried they’re going to end up in the middle of a shooting war between their brethren, the North Koreans, and the Americans, who may not really care about what a war would do to South Korea.
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26. Veterans of the Korean War themselves are the prime movers in attempting to make Americans, especially the younger generations, aware of the importance of the Korean War, and the sacrifices of those who fought it, through the “Tell America” project of the Korean War Veterans of America.
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29. Quotes tagged as “korean-war” Showing 1-30 of 37 “Fear was the terrible secret of the battlefiled and could afflict the brave as well as the timid.
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